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IPEd's Australian standards for editing practice sets out the core standards that professional editors should meet.
For more information on the history of the Standards, how to obtain a copy or to print a copy, visit the Australian standards for editing practice webpage.


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To support and recognise the work of Australian editors, IPEd co-sponsors a biennial fellowship program, the Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship. It also sponsors an annual prize to support and foster research in editing and publishing, the IPEd Prize.

IPEd Prize 

The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) seeks to support and foster research in editing and publishing as part of its broader mission to enhance the profession of editing.

As part of this mission IPEd sponsors an annual prize of $250 for an essay or paper written as part of the requirements for a postgraduate degree in editing, publishing or another discipline that permits a focus on editing.

Essays submitted for the IPEd Prize are judged on the basis that they:

  • contain original research on issues in editing and publishing
  • present a well-structured argument
  • use and properly document primary and secondary sources
  • are engaging and well written
  • are well edited
  • contain between 2000 and 3000 words
  • have gained a High Distinction or A+ grade from university assessors.

IPEd appoints a panel of well-qualified reviewers to judge the essay prize.

2015 IPEd Prize

Read about the IPEd Prize 2015 and the winning entry.

2014 IPEd Prize

Read about the IPEd Prize 2014 and the winning entry.

2013 IPEd Prize
Read about the IPEd Prize 2013 and the winning entry.

2012 IPEd Prize

Read about  IPEd Prize 2012 and the winning entry.

Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship

The Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship recognises and rewards the contribution of book editors to Australian writing and publishing. Applicants should have at least five years’ editorial work experience in quality Australian fiction and non-fiction, in either adult or children’s publishing.

Named in honour of one of Australia’s finest literary editors, Beatrice Davis, this prestigious fellowship allows an editor to spend 12 weeks in the editorial department of a United States publishing house or houses.

It is sponsored by the Literature Fund of the Australia Council, the Australian Publishers Association, IPEd and the Australian publishing industry.

Barbara Ramsden Award

The Barbara Ramsden Award is sponsored by the Fellowship of Australian Writers as part of the National Literary Awards. It is a major literary award for a book of quality writing in any field of literature, and it recognises the contributions by both author and editor in producing the final product.

The award, named after esteemed Melbourne editor Barbara Ramsden, started in 1971 and ran until 1992. It was revived in 2006 with the support of the Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc.

The award supplies two specially cast bronze plaques designed by renowned sculptor and medallionist, Michael Meszaros, which are presented to the author and the publisher’s editor to recognise the combined effort of both parties to achieve the final result. The design is of the origin of art, showing the creator at work, and a figure representing the forces that ensure its effective communication.

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Branches of IPEd maintain registers of freelance editors, including IPEd accredited and distinguished editors.


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