IPEd Editors Conference

The 10th IPEd Editors Conference will be in Hobart, Tasmania, Monday 28 June 2021 – Wednesday 30 June 2021.

IPEd Strategic Plan

IPEd Strategic Plan July 2020 to June 2023.

Branch Events

The branches of IPEd host workshops, seminars, member meetings and other events that are open to all IPEd members and non-members. Information and booking details are listed on the Events page of this website.

IPEd Mentoring Program

by Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE and Ted Briggs AE, Joint program coordinators

Welcome to IPEd’s Mentoring Program for editors. A little background: it started as a small local program for members of the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE), in 2012. 

In 2013, we introduced the program to everyone at the IPEd conference in Fremantle. Western Australia liked the idea and asked if they could join in. From there, it spread rapidly. One after the other, all the states joined in and by the next IPEd conference in Canberra in 2015, we were calling ourselves ‘national’. 

At that conference IPEd and CSE reached an agreement that it would henceforth be known as the IPEd Mentoring Program. We now have all Australian branches on board, and recently welcomed a representative from Aotearoa, New Zealand branch, to a coordinators’ meeting. 

The program is still headed up by us as the original joint coordinators, and we continue to manage the program with the assistance of the able branch coordinators including, soon we hope, one from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

It is very flexible, in that editors can be mentored in any aspect of editing that is of concern to them. In our program, a mentor is a guide and friend, as in the classical sense of ‘mentor’. Both mentors and mentees are finding the mentorship experience really rewarding.

We look forward to hearing from anyone, from any branch of IPEd or the CSE, who would like to be guided through some aspect of our profession or who would like to offer their knowledge, experience and skills to guide a mentee. 

Find an editor

IPEd has established the Editors Directory. Clients can search the directory for freelance editors using specific criteria. These will identify editors that have specific interests, skills or experience in certain areas.