IPEd National Editors Conference

The 9th IPEd National Editors Conference will be held in Melbourne from Wednesday 8–Friday 10 May 2019.

IPEd Strategic Plan

IPEd Strategic Plan July 2017 to June 2020.

Branch Events

The branches of IPEd host workshops, seminars, member meetings and other events that are open to all IPEd members. Information and booking details for these are listed on the Events page of this website.

  • IPEd Ambassadors announced

    Posted on: 21 March 2019

    The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) is proud to announce its first ever Ambassadors.

  • 9th IPEd National Editors Conference full program announced

    Posted on: 05 February 2019

    The full program for IPEd's 2019 editors conference is now available.

  • Style Sheets webinar recording - buy now

    Posted on: 17 January 2019

    What is a style sheet? And how do you create one? Join Dr Malini Devadas for IPEd's Style Sheet webinar.

  • 2019 National Editors Conference Keynote Speakers

    Posted on: 09 December 2018

    All four keynote speakers for IPEd's 9th National Editors Conference have now been announced.

  • 2018 IPEd Prize: call for submissions

    Posted on: 11 November 2018

    Submissions are now being accepted for the 2018 IPEd Prize for an essay or paper written as part of a postgraduate degree in editing or publishing.

  • Rosie Award: call for nominations

    Posted on: 25 October 2018

    IPEd is now calling for nominations for the Rosie Award for excellence in editing.

  • Dr Katherine Bode announced as a conference keynote speaker

    Posted on: 17 October 2018

    The Australian National University's Dr Katherine Bode joins the 2019 IPEd National Editors Conference as a keynote speaker.

  • IPEd's ABN submission

    Posted on: 09 October 2018

    IPEd's recently made a formal submission to Treasury about its consultation paper Tackling the Black Economy: Designing a modern Australian Business Number system.

  • Susan Butler announced as a conference keynote speaker

    Posted on: 04 October 2018

    IPEd is delighted to announce Susan Butler AO as our first confirmed keynote speaker at the ninth National Editors Conference, to be held in Melbourne in May 2019.

  • AIPI August Communique

    Posted on: 15 September 2018

    The Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI) has made further progress in promoting an “accessible by default” approach to book production in Australia.

  • 9th IPEd National Editors Conference

    Posted on: 06 September 2018

    Beyond the page is the theme of the ninth national conference of the Institute for Professional Editors (IPEd), to be held in Melbourne in May 2019. The Call for Papers is now open.

  • Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative

    Posted on: 08 April 2018

    IPEd is a signatory to the Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative to promote an “accessible by default” approach to book production in Australia.

  • 2017 IPEd Prize submissions open

    Posted on: 08 March 2018

    Submissions are now being accepted for the 2017 IPEd Prize for an essay or paper written as part of a postgraduate degree in editing or publishing.

  • IPEd Accreditation exam webinars

    Posted on: 22 February 2018

    Do you plan to register for the 2018 IPEd accreditation exam or just want to learn more about it? Then these webinars are designed for you.

  • Registration for the 2018 accreditation exam is now open

    Posted on: 01 February 2018

    The next IPEd accreditation exam will be held on Saturday 19 May 2018, and registration closes soon.

  • IPEd receives Copyright Agency grant

    Posted on: 26 January 2018

    IPEd has been successful in grant funding to support the work of its Professional Development and Academic Editing standing committees, and in developing university and public education campaigns.

  • Over half of book-industry survey respondents report sexual harassment

    Posted on: 19 January 2018

    Just over half of all respondents to Books+Publishing’s recent survey on sexual harassment in the Australian book industry have reported being sexually harassed, and just over half of respondents also said they had witnessed sexually inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

  • Rosie Award winner for excellence in editing announced

    Posted on: 21 September 2017

    The winner of the inaugural Rosanne Fitzgibbon Editorial Award - The Rosie - has been announced as Jacqueline Blanchard for her editorial work on All Fall Down.

  • IPEd National Survey of Editors 2016 released

    Posted on: 18 July 2017

    The National Survey of Editors 2016 had responses from 541 editors and may represent the largest survey of Australian editors ever undertaken.

  • Rosie Award shortlist announced

    Posted on: 30 June 2017

    IPEd is pleased to announce the shortlist for the inaugural Rosanne Fitzgibbon Editorial Award for editorial excellence.

  • IPEd Prize 2016 winner announced

    Posted on: 14 May 2017

    The winner of the 2016 IPEd Prize is Robyn Williams

  • National directory of freelance editors launched

    Posted on: 21 February 2017

    IPEd is pleased to launch the Editors Directory, a national list of freelance editors.

  • Editors Directory now available

    Posted on: 01 January 2017

    The Editors Directory is now available on this website

  • The Rosanne Fitzgibbon Editorial Award - the Rosie

    Posted on: 22 December 2016

    The first Rosie Award will be conducted in 2017 and will recognise excellence in editing in one work with testimony from author, publisher and editor.

  • IPEd Notes: September 2016 to November 2016

    Posted on: 20 December 2016

    IPEd Notes for September 2016 to November 2016 is now available on the website.

  • How to create an entry in the Editors Directory

    Posted on: 09 December 2016

    Instructions on how to create your profile in IPEd's Editors Directory

  • Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus discount for members

    Posted on: 25 October 2016

    IPEd members can get a discount for an online subscription to the Macquarie Dictionary

  • New discounted online courses

    Posted on: 03 October 2016

    SfEP in the UK is offering IPEd members discounted online courses.

  • IPEd Notes - June 2016 to August 2016

    Posted on: 23 September 2016

    IPEd Notes for June 2016 to August 2016 are now available on the IPEd website

  • New staff appointments

    Posted on: 24 June 2016

    IPEd has appointed new staff ahead of its 1 July transition to a national membership organisation.

  • IPEd Notes - March 2016 to May 2016

    Posted on: 15 June 2016

    IPEd Notes for March 2016 to May 2016 are now available on the IPEd website

  • IPEd rejects Productivity Commission proposal to limit copyright

    Posted on: 13 June 2016

    IPEd has endorsed a submission by the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE) to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Intellectual Property Arrangements, rejecting its proposed changes to copyright.

  • Discounted online courses

    Posted on: 31 January 2016

    SfEP in the UK has added a new online course to those available to members of Australian societies of editors

  • Editing courses

    Posted on: 31 January 2016

    Are you interested in studying editing or publishing?

  • IPEd Transition vote

    Posted on: 02 December 2015

    The detailed results of the vote by the societies of editors on the transition of IPEd to a direct membership model

  • Societies of editors vote for IPEd direct membership

    Posted on: 18 November 2015

    The member societies of IPEd have passed the special resolution to support the transition of IPEd to a national direct membership organisation representing Australian editors.

  • IPEd Transition white papers

    Posted on: 25 September 2015

  • Annual report and financial statements

    Posted on: 11 September 2015

    The IPEd annual report and financial statements for the 2014–2015 financial year are now available on the website.

  • Style manual – lobby your MP

    Posted on: 11 June 2015

    Action Alert with guidelines on lobbying your MP to convince the government to provide funding for a seventh edition of the Style Manual.

  • IPEd National Survey of Editors 2014

    Posted on: 21 March 2015

    The IPEd National Survey of Editors 2014 report is available on the members-only section of the website.

  • John Simkin Medal 2015

    Posted on: 02 February 2015

    The John Simkin Medal will be awarded for an outstanding index to a book compiled in Australia or New Zealand.

  • IPEd Notes - September to December 2014

    Posted on: 02 February 2015

    IPEd Notes for September to December 2014 are now available for members.

  • National Survey of Editors 2014

    Posted on: 17 October 2014

    The National Survey of Editors 2014 will provide IPEd with vital information about the editing profession and the needs of members.

  • IPEd Notes - June to August 2014

    Posted on: 20 September 2014

    IPEd Notes from June to August 2014

  • Media release - IPEd accreditation results 2014

    Posted on: 14 September 2014

    Editors' competence recognised through accreditation scheme

  • IPEd Notes - March - May 2014

    Posted on: 23 May 2014

    IPEd Notes for the March to May are now available for members.

  • IPEd Notes - Nov 2013 - Feb 2014

    Posted on: 23 February 2014

    IPEd notes for the period November 2013 to February 2014 are now available for members.

  • Beatrice Davis Fellowship winner off to the Big Apple

    Posted on: 09 February 2014

    Susannah Chambers, winner of the 2013–14 Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship, departed Australia on 2 February, heading from 40-degree Melbourne to the minus-20 degree ‘polar vortex’ in New York.

  • Canberra Society comes of age

    Posted on: 05 February 2014

    The Canberra Society of Editors marked its twenty-first birthday with a celebratory dinner in December just passed.

  • Members vote to go national

    Posted on: 08 January 2014

    The members of the seven societies of editors that comprise the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) have voted for a restructure of the national organisation that will give a united voice to editors across the country.

  • Annual reports 2013

    Posted on: 15 December 2013

    IPEd's 2013 annual report and audited financial statement are now available.

  • IPEd Review

    Posted on: 19 March 2013

    A Way Forward

  • IPEd Notes Nov 2012 - Feb 2013

    Posted on: 11 March 2013

    IPEd's regular notes are now available for members

  • IPEd annual reports

    Posted on: 13 December 2012

    The IPEd Annual Report and Financial Report are now available.

  • 60 new accredited editors!

    Posted on: 11 December 2012

    IPEd congratulates the 60 new accredited editors, who bring the number of AEs Australia-wide to well over 300.

  • Have you looked at IPEd's Facebook page recently?

    Posted on: 12 November 2012

    Useful and whimsical editing-related posts.

  • Vale Rosanne Fitzgibbon

    Posted on: 24 August 2012

    Esteemed editor Rosanne Fitzgibbon died on Monday 20 August. IPEd Council offers the condolences of the profession to her family.

  • Thinking about accreditation?

    Posted on: 09 August 2012

    Here are 10 good reasons to help you make up your mind.

  • Beatrice Davis Fellowship report

    Posted on: 03 August 2012

    Jane Morrow, winner of the 2011–12 Beatrice Davis Fellowship, of which IPEd is a sponsor, has presented her report.

  • Exam preparation workshops

    Posted on: 03 August 2012

    Exam preparation workshops will be held by every society of editors to help candidates for this year's IPEd accreditation exam and people who may be thinking about sitting the exam in future.

  • Quoting: what do you think?

    Posted on: 08 May 2012

    An article recommended to all practising editors

  • What do editors do?

    Posted on: 09 March 2012

    ABC local radio Hobart interviewed Kerry Davies AE about what editors do.

  • New Patron for IPEd

    Posted on: 02 March 2012

    Professor Roly Sussex OAM has accepted IPEd's invitation to become its inaugural Patron.

  • UK editors recognise IPEd accreditation

    Posted on: 12 January 2012

    The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (UK) now recognises IPEd Accredited and Distinguished Editor status as part of applications for SfEP membership. More ...

  • Barry Jones on BISG report

    Posted on: 14 November 2011

    The Hon. Barry Jones, Chair of the Book Industry Strategy Group, discussed its recommendations to government on ABC Radio National's The Book Show.

  • Editors survey: summary of results

    Posted on: 19 September 2011

    The Institute of Professional Editors surveyed Australian editors from June to August 2011, using an online survey instrument. The survey was the sixth such snapshot of the profession. A summary report has been prepared. and more detailed reports will be provided soon.

  • Spelling matters!

    Posted on: 19 September 2011

  • Style manual 7th edition

    Posted on: 03 December 2010

    A consortium in which IPEd was a leading partner submitted an expression of interest in revising and updating the 6th edition of the Australian Government’s Style Manual.

Find an editor

IPEd has established the Editors Directory. Clients can search the directory for freelance editors using specific criteria. These will identify editors that have specific interests, skills or experience in certain areas.