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ANZSI hosts 2020 National Indexing Day

Posted on: 24 March 2020

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) is hosting the third National Indexing Day on 28 March 2020.
The ANZSI National Indexing Day aims to create awareness of the importance of indexing and the enduring value human-created indexes provide, especially in this age of information overload. But not enough is known about this ‘little understood, mysterious but essential parts (sic) of publishing’.1
Indexing is an intelligent undertaking that is not matched by any search function. A good index can be a work of art, and the indexer an artist. A good indexer is multi-talented (some ANZSI members are also writers, editors and librarians).
Indexes provide different access points to information in the text. Readers can explore a book by subject, name, country, historical event and by issues and ideas and the overarching themes presented across the book, which a contents page alone cannot achieve. Indexes also allow readers to compare the type and breadth of information in books before deciding on a purchase.
ANZSI is the professional society of indexers in Australia and New Zealand. Members provide indexing and metadata services for print and digital publications: books and ebooks (popular, academic and educational), databases, genealogies, geographical and pictorial publications, legal publications, magazines, journals and newspapers, bibliographies, subject gateways and websites.
Follow ANZSI on Facebook (@ANZSocietyIndexers) and Twitter (@ANZSI_indexers).
The ANZSI website includes the Indexers Available directory to help editors, authors and publishers find an indexer. Given the current COVID-19 health crisis, no events have been planned for this year’s National Indexing Day.
Contact Madeleine Davis: 0417 040 598 (president@anzsi.org
Sherrey Quinn: 0419 870 052 (secretary@anzsi.org)
1.     The Book Deal, Alan Rinzler, https://alanrinzler.com/2009/01/every-non-fiction-book-needs-an-index-heres-why/


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