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Style manual 7th edition

Posted on: 03 December 2010

A consortium in which IPEd was a leading partner submitted an expression of interest in revising and updating the 6th edition of the Australian Government’s Style manual. Expressions of interest were requested well before the federal election was called. The 6th edition was published in 2002.

IPEd received a letter from the Australian Government’s Department of Finance and Deregulation on 12 October 2010 stating that the department has decided not to proceed to Phase Two Request for Tender.

The IPEd wrote to the Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) in an attempt to clarify the government’s intentions about this essential reference for Australian editors and other professionals. The department's response, received in late November states that Finance recognises 'that the current edition of the Style manual is due for review' and has 'begun this process'. 

‘Finance is currently investigating a range of issues relating to the future of the Style manual, many of which were raised in the requirements of the Expression of Interest. For example we need to consider the future format of the Style manual and all the opportunities and challenges associated with moving the Style manual online. Finance is also assessing the Government’s requirements from the Style manual, as this remains the key purpose of the publication.’

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