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IPEd Accreditation exam webinars

Posted on: 22 February 2018

Do you plan to register for the 2018 IPEd accreditation exam or just want to learn more about the exam? Perhaps you are unable to attend one of the branch face-to-face accreditation exam workshops. Then these webinars are designed for you.

Two different 60-minute webinars will be provided:

Webinar 1—Preparing for the IPED Accreditation exam

Tuesday 6 March 2018  at 12:00 noon EDT (NSW, Vic, ACT, Tas); 11:30 am (SA); 11:00 (Qld); 10:30 (NT); 9:00 (WA)

Presented by Malini Devadas

By the end of this one-hour webinar, you should be confident in deciding whether you will be ready to sit the exam in May this year. We will discuss the types of experience you should ideally have already, the preparation you need to do between now and the exam and strategies you should use during the exam.

Malini Devadas AE has been a professional editor since 2004 and was accredited in 2009. She is an experienced trainer and presented highly acclaimed exam-preparation workshops in Canberra in 2011, 2012 and 2014. In this webinar, rather than giving you exam information that is already available, Malini wants participants to look honestly and critically at their own editing expertise and their willingness to put in the work required to pass the exam.

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Webinar 2—Tour of the onscreen Accreditation exam documents

Tuesday 13 March 2018 at 12.00 noon EDT (NSW, Vic, ACT, Tas); 11:30 am (SA); 11:00 (Qld); 10:30 (NT); 9:00 (WA)

Presented by Ted Briggs

Ted will show you what the onscreen documents look like and will demonstrate how you interact with them during the exam. He will share key tips for navigating through the documents and pass on some of his favourite Word tips that will help you work efficiently within the documents.

Ted Briggs AE is an experienced editor and was accredited in 2011. He has been on the Accreditation Board since 2012 and was chair from 2013 to 2017. Ted was instrumental in moving the exam from paper to onscreen and played a key role in developing the onscreen format.

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Everyone who registers for the webinars will be given access to the recording (whether you attend live or not). People attending live will have the opportunity to ask questions towards the end of the webinar; all questions will be answered (either during the webinar or in the week afterwards) and answers will be made available to everyone who registered. 

You can register for either webinar or you can register for both webinars by making separate bookings.

The cost of each webinar:
Members: $25; non-members: $40

Bookings close: 
1 March (Webinar 1) and 8 March (Webinar 2)

Contact Tay Winchester at 

Cancellation/refund policy: 
50% refund if cancelled no later than 1 March (Webinar 1) and 8 March (Webinar 2)

Thereafter no refund unless exceptional circumstances evident.

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