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The branches of IPEd host workshops, seminars, member meetings and other events that are open to all IPEd members. Information and booking details for these are listed on the Events page of this website.

IPEd Conference

The 8th IPEd National Editors Conference, 'Advancing our Profession' will be held in Brisbane from 13 to 15 September, 2017. More information and registration is available on the conference website. Follow us on Twitter @IPED_Conf

IPEd National Survey of Editors 2014

Posted on: 21 March 2015

The IPEd National Survey of Editors 2014 report has been released and is available to all members of the Australian societies of editors on the members-only section of the website. This is the first time the same survey has been run simultaneously through the societies of editors providing society-specific data, which has then be used to compile the national report. The report and appendices therefore provide national and state information.

The survey had 391 respondents from 1495 members of societies of editors (26%). The report includes a profile of the typical Australian editor, what their qualifications and training are, the industries and professions employing them and their editing income. A specific section just for freelancers provides average hourly rates, methods of quoting and more. The report also includes information on the professional development needs of editors, as well as the services editors would like from IPEd.

Attached to the report are tables of responses to questions (Appendix A), by Society and nationally, and a series of graphs reflecting the responses to selected questions (Appendix B). The tables also include links to the responses to open-ended questions, listed by Society.

Find an editor

IPEd has established the Editors Directory. Clients can search the directory for freelance editors using specific criteria. These will identify editors that have specific interests, skills or experience in certain areas.