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IPEd Prize 2015 winner announced

Posted on: 07 March 2016

John Linnegar is the winner for Fifteen shades at play: the new ‘supermodel’ to guide text editors, submitted to the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Linnegar is an editorial mentor and a co-author with Kris Van de Poel and WAM Carstens of Text editing: A handbook for students and practitioners (APS Editions, 2012).

His essay deftly explains the CCC Model which refers to Correspondence, Consistency and Correctness and developed by Dr Jan Renkema, Professor Emeritus in Linguistics at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. Linnegar shows how the three Cs, combined with the 5 levels (text type, content, structure, wording and presentation) of Renkema’s schema, yield a 15-point matrix that improves editing by guiding editors through a text methodically, reducing random edits.

The essay title (with its echo of publishing sensation Fifty Shades of Grey) allows Linnegar to develop the notion of ‘fifteen shades at play’, ‘seducing’ the reader into engagement with the CCC ‘supermodel’ and encouraging ‘mastery’ of this editorial discipline.

The judges’ comments included:

  • A lively essay prepared to take some risks in tone (somewhat arch, juggling the literary and the colloquial, but steering clear of the scholarly voice).
  • I learned something new from this essay, that I suspect will improve my own editing work in future.
  • Introduces the CCC model as a powerful text-editing tool.
  • Communicates a complex issue in a manner that is both engaging and accessible.
  • Never loses sight of its key message – that this is not only a well-designed tool, but that the use of a tool such as this can lead to comprehensive and confident improvements in a text.

Judging Team:

Dr Heather Cam DE (Society of Editors NSW)

Stephanie Holt AE (Editors Victoria; Course Coordinator, Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT University)

Melanie Sheridan AE (Editors Victoria)

John Linnegar has made his essay available for editors to read.

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