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IPEd's Australian standards for editing practice sets out the core standards that professional editors should meet.
For more information on the history of the Standards, how to obtain a copy or to print a copy, visit the Australian standards for editing practice webpage.

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IPEd is a national organisation that is made up of the seven Australian societies of editors.

Individual editors, or those interested in the profession, can become members of their local society, which, in turn, is a member of IPEd. Individual editors cannot directly join IPEd; however, by joining their local society editors contribute indirectly to the efforts of IPEd as all the societies work together under the IPEd umbrella.

All of the Australian societies of editors have the following broad aims:

  • promoting editors and editing
  • fostering excellence in professional editing standards
  • providing training and professional development to editors
  • allowing editors to exchange ideas and disseminate information
  • acting as a link between their members and organisations or individuals seeking editorial help.

The following societies are the founding members of IPEd:

To contact the society closest to you, click on their name above to go to their website, or go to the contact us page. Check news and events for information about these societies’ activities.

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State and territory societies of editors maintain registers of freelance editors, including IPEd accredited and distinguished editors.


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